French-chic sundress

The following styles are from the APC SS09 Collection. I have taken the photos from Wikstenmade, because I couldn't work out how to copy the photos directly myself (yeah, I'm not so techno-savvy).

What do you think of the black dress? Kinda cute? But then, everything in the APC collection is styled to look fabulous. On second thoughts, the dress could also be seen as kinda shapeless and pre-pubescent, no? Anyway, casting these doubts aside, I decided to make it up. You can never have too many sun-dresses in a tropical climate.

I started with an Calvin Klein Vogue pattern, Vogue 1786, dated 1996. View A/B was the camisole / dress.

Pattern alterations: My pattern is sized 6 - 8 - 10 and now I am more like a 12 on top and a 16 on bottom. I "graded" the pattern up to a Sz 16 all round (well, just added 14 cm width, evenly distributed). This way I could eliminate the side zipper and put elastic around the upper edge. This is not such a bad thing, because Calvin has nary a bust dart in his pattern. I increased the depth of the facings and sewed them on the outside, so that they could be used for the elastic casing. I didn't cross over the straps at the back, as per the a.p.c version, but that is only because I did not have enough fabric.

Fabric: I made this up in a lightweight stretch cotton print from Tessuti, spinach fly. I think I got the last piece (thank-you Colette). It was lovely to sew and the perfect weight for this dress. The gathers drew up so easily (I dislike gathering) and then hung beautifully rather than sticking out.

I am still undecided on the final result...chic or a top-kids escapee? I will wear it either way.

Now, whilst we are talking about sundresses, did anybody else pre-order the spring 2009 sew stylish magazine? I am so disappointed. Amber Eden, come back please!!! I treasure my previous editions...the perfect combination of sewing and fashion. I found them to be truly inspirational. Even though many articles were lifted from Threads, there was still pleanty of new things to learn. By constrast, this edition provides us with projects that remind me of home ec class. The construction zone could be straight out of a text book. The tricks of the trade include sewing on a button and taking up a hem. It is filled with such useful tips as throwing out your old pins. Pattern play has you take a straight waist band pattern piece and turn it into a straight belt. And as for the Simplicity pattern...when I see pants made up from Simplicity patterns, I can only vow never to go near their catalogue. It may take me days to get over this disappointment.


  1. oh that's very cute - like the drawstring detail, and hey, some photo styling .. shoes and bag make the look!

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  3. I LOVE it and want one too. I just adore drop-waisted dresses.....timeless and perfect to wear in spring/summer. I'm so glad that you made up the lovely spinach fly and liked how it made up.It goes to show, not all cottons are stiff and have no body.

    It's very chic indeed!

    Glad to have you back, I missed your posts!

  4. Wow, I think it looks great on you. It's completely in the style of the APC dress and it looks casual and comfy.

  5. I am speechless. Its a super cute and fabulous dress. I want to make one for me!