Love this red denim

So, I now have a new computer...but, I am struggling to get all my software working again. I have a few posts to catch up on, but this project is one of my favourites.

I made another denim skirt from Vogue 2811, using a red denim from Tessuti. The fabric faded a lot with the first wash. It is one of those denims that gets better with more wear!

The pockets are my own design. On the front, I have squared off the pocket openings. On the right back, I have made a welt opening into an inner patch pocket. I did take photos during construction, but goodness knows what happened to them. I like my back pocket because it is sleeker than regular patch pockets.

I did have a lot a trouble topstitching with the chain stitch of my cover stitch machine. I went through a whole reel of topstitching thread (admittedly, there is not much on a reel) making practice samples and having them go wrong on the skirt. In the end I bought a new reel and did the topstitching on my sewing machine.

Here is a photo of the complete skirt...as usual, have not quite got around to styling myself for the photo...I was taking the photo to show my sister the necklace that the kids and I made out of some fimo long ago stored in a box. They all enjoyed squashing the fimo so much, I'll have to see if I can still buy it.


  1. Hey, nice work! Big fan of the squared off pockets, and the fabric you chose for the insides.

  2. Pretty skirt and a lovely tee:-)

  3. Nice skirt. I too got a new computer two weeks ago. It took me a solid week to get all my software transferred over and working. Several of my sewing related software didn't work at all with Vista so I had to buy new software. It's such a pain and so incredibly time consuming but worth it, once it's all over. :)

  4. I'm lovin' those pockets. Verrrrry cute.

    I know exactly what you mean about the photography. I mean, you spend ages cutting, sewing and perfecting something and then there's a snowy not enough light shot that doesn't do any justice to your hard work.

    But here's the alternative. The very cute and adorable Amanda S commented recently how much she was enjoying daylight savings.

    Now she doesn't have to get up at the crack of dawn to put on her makeup, put on her outfit, attend to her 2 children and get her husband to take an (unflustered) shot of her looking perfect in her beautiful new outfit before he goes to work.

    So, you know, snowy shots sound like a reasonable alternative to me, don't you think?