Sewing for others

My sister wanted a skirt for her birthday. Sewing for others is always a bit of a risk, especially when they don't live nearby. Not only is there the question of taste, but also the hassle of fit. The project scope was a funky A-line skirt, with darts, possibly out of an Amy Butler fabric.

My sister has lost a lot of weight and planning to lose more, so I needed to take this into account. I decided to put in a centre back zip so that the side seams could be easily adjusted. I also went with a faced waist, rather than a waistband, for the same reason. I altered the sewing order a little so that this would be easier. I sewed the front waistband to the skirt front and the back waistband to the skirt back and then stitched the waistband side seams and the skirt side seams in one long line. I didn't understitch the waist facing at the side seams.

The inspiration for the pleating detail came from the design on the cover of Stitch magazine. As I was arranging the pleats I did have a sense of deja vu...the pleat design is very similar to the Chloe-inspired skirt that I drafted last year...I guess I am drawn to the same design details.

(PS to my sister, if you read this...I will post this soon, really I will!)


  1. Love the pleat detail and the colour choice :-)
    Very cool skirt!


  2. Very cool skirt, great pleating

  3. Pretty skirt! I hope your sister likes it.

  4. So cute! I love the extra detailing you put into it.