A grown-up dress

Here is my attempt at Vogue 1025 (Anne Klein). It may look like a simple dress, but for me, it was a major fitting exercise. I'm just getting my money's worth from all the fit articles in my magazine subscriptions! I will post the details at pattern review.


Audrey said...

That is a pretty dress. I hadn't noticed the pattern before. You don't say what fitting issues you had to deal with, but you seemed to have worked them out. From looking at the photo, I think it fits you well.

Eileen said...

I love the dress, and the color. Sounds like one of those fast/easy patterns that sneaks up on you with fitting/construction. It looks like it fits you really well.

Roseana Auten said...

Hi, I'm wondering if you still like your dress??

Your comments on PR were very helpful.

I'm also posting this on PR.