First cab off the rank

Well, I have completed the first item in my wardrobe plan and have the second underway. The first was a silk knit top.

This fabric had an unusual drape. It smelt like silk but did not feel familiar. I tried doing an ash test to see if it was a blend, but didn't really know what I was doing, so did not know what the ash meant! Anyway, the funny drape did not look good for my original cowl neck...emphasised the flat chest, which is not the point of a cowl...so I made a pleated top instead.

I cut up an old t-shirt as the basis for my pattern. I spread the front neckline to make room for the pleats. Then I added a collar using a remant silk georgette...really it should have been cut on the bias, but being a remnant, I only had a straight piece. I needed the collar because the puce colour did not look good next to my skin.

I'm not sure if I like this top or not...have to wait and see how much I wear it...the fabric sort of seems a bit great-auntish to me.

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  1. The top looks great and I don't think that the material is oldish. I can't quite make out the band. Is it meant to be lose and flowing?