My pattern contest - part 4

Part 4 is my first muslin.

Here is a picture of my pattern. To make this, I started with my A-line skirt pattern and I
  • joined the front and back skirt at the side seams
  • separated off a back panel down from the back dart
  • I marked a vertical line on the front panel, near the left side, for the horizontal pleats to originate from. I slashed from this line to the original right side seam.
  • I slashed up the original right side seam to the start of the hip curve. I then closed the hip curve, and spread the slashes for the horizontal pleats
  • I moved the left hip curve to the vertical line near the left side seam
  • I put in a vertical pleat below the bottom horizontal pleat
The photos of this muslin are below. I'm not sure if there is too much of an A-line still...there seems to bit a bit of excess fabric in the side back area. I'm not sure whether to change this or not. Also, the back hangs below the front. I wonder if this is because the front is on the straight grain, whilst the sides are on the bias.

Now, should I make another muslin (probably!), or just move onto the real thing (lazy option, but very appealing)?

1 comment:

  1. It is dificult to see what you are doing here. The line seems a little bulky, not sleek or smooth. It will be interesting to see how you progress.