Winter sewing plans

These are the fabrics for my winter collection...that is, if I make a collection. We are only 2 days off winter and I haven't even started...maybe I'll just do a few of them. I chose olive green and burgundy as my colour base, because I think these colours suit me, but I don't have many clothes in these colours. I think the fabrics all look quite pretty together, which amazes me because I buy most of my fabrics by mail order. The only problem is, the clothes I have picked out for each piece don't really go with each other. This would mean I need a lot more pieces and a lot more time. From the top down, here are my current thoughts...

1. Silk knit, fairly firm knit, maybe something a little like this cowl necked top from Burda WOF 12/2005 (Did you know you can search the Burda WOF magazine archives by colour...I couldn't remember which issue this was from, but did remember that it was yellow).

2. Raspberry tropical wool, an Anne Klein dress (Vogue 1025)

3. Burgundy knit, firm knit, blend of 4 fibres (can't remember which ones?). I am thinking a shirt dress. The only pattern I have is Vogue 7873. I have not used it before, so am not sure how it will work for knits).

4. Olive knit, same as above. I'm not sure whether to make a plain long-sleeved tee, or maybe this hooded top from Burda WOF. I''m one of these fussy ones that doesn't like synthetic fibres next to my skin (after a few hours, I can't wait to get home and rip them off for a sloppy cotton t-shirt).

5. Olive stretch woven. Again, I don't remember the fibres, but do remember that it is a John Kaldor fabric and synthetic. I am thinking alice and olivia flat-front, wide-leg trousers (Vogue 1051)

6. Forest green cotton. This was one of those mail order surprises. It is 100% cotton, described as chamois. For some reason I was thinking lightweight and drapey, but it is more like a thick flanellette, with no give. I'm not sure what to do with this. Maybe a gored skirt. Maybe a tote. I saw a wonderful tote in a Threads craft stylish magazine with textured, puffy squares.

7. Wool fabric for a jacket. You can see the lining peeping out in between. Last year I bought a short trench pattern (Vogue 2922) and loved it. I didn't make it then, and now I'm not so sure. Style may be eternal, but I am still influenced by the fashion mags and it seems that everyone has moved onto biker jackets. Also, a trench in olive may be boring. What do you think?


  1. Great colours and fabric choices. I hope this plan comes to life!

  2. Great choices! I LOVE that BWOF top!!!

  3. Love those colours together.... great combination. Look forward to seeing them.

  4. Go the wide pants! Ever since Trinny and Susannah told me that that's what I should be wearing, I've been looking out for some (to buy, not to sew unfortunately). Looking forward to seeing yours.


  5. Hi again!
    Yes, biker jackets are a hot style at the moment, but a short trench really is a 'classic.' There will always be a version of it in fashion, so don't be worried about it going out of style. The shape should be quite fitted, preferably with a waist tie or belt to give some definition to your shape. If you're worried it may look too dull, try a more fashion-forward fabric;- A rich colour or even something with a subtle sheen in a bronze or gunmetal shade will update it beautifully. Another tip: always TIE the self belt, never buckle it up!