An attempt at layering

This knit is copied from Burda WOF 10/2007 #115. I had seen pictures in the Burda magazine and seen pattern reviews, but not paid too much attention because I don't wear low-cut tops. Then I saw Eddi Frantz' take on it in Australian Stitches....it was all about layering. So I had a go, using a lovely silk / rayon knit. Somebody has always reserved the Burda magazines at my library, so I decided to draft my own based on my customised t-shirt pattern. This was made a little easier by Christina's tutorial.

And then, I tried to wear it over a white shirt...but because the knit did not slide easily over the cotton shirt, it took 5 minutes of fussing to get it to sit in the right position...so I don't think that I will ever actually wear it this way. Perhaps layering was a little too adventurous for me anyway...now I'll just layer it over a little silk blouse, or perhaps a camisole, or maybe fill that huge neck area with jewellery. The pleat does give the shirt a lovely drape, and my coverstitch machine and I are slowly becoming closer friends. I should have stabilised the neck edge with clear elastic, but I didn't have any and was trying to whip this one up whilst the kids had a nap.


  1. Great looking top, I do like it layered over the white blouse. All three options are terrific.

  2. Too bad it's a pain to wear it over the white shirt because it really does look good that way! I like all of your looks, though. Very nice!

  3. Hi...
    So glad you tried the idea I wrote about! It was a major look in all the designer collections overseas and I saw it pop up in collections here and in magazines and stores in Oz this winter. Yes, sometimes it is a hassle trying to get such a slinky knit to sit right over a cotton shirt. I suggest trying to layer it over a more fitted shirt style with a bit of stretch in the fabric, if you haven't tried that already... (Personally I've tried this myself and it's much easier to slip on - I used a white stetch cotton shirt under a fitted guy's jersey sweater,of course!- not with that burda style but the fabric weights and styles were similar. I wore it all day to a bunch of meetings and everything stayed put and was comfortable.) But as you discovered, the top also looks great with just a simple blouse underneath, or of course, on it's own!
    All the best,
    Eddi Frantz