A literary game

Collette at Sew Tessuti has tagged me with a literary meme which goes a little something like this...

1. Pick up the nearest book.
2. Open to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences.
5. Tag five people, and acknowledge who tagged you.

Well, the nearest book to me is my new cookbook. I wasn't going to buy anymore cookbooks, really I wasn't. My cookbook cupboard is full. However, you can never have too many cake recipes. This one is an American book, so the recipes are quite different to the ones I already have. It doesn't have many pictures, but with titles like "Blood Orange and Brown Sugar Chiffon Cake", who needs pictures. And whilst we are talking about cake, can I take a few moments to gloat about the Sponge cake I made for Mother's Day. Look how light and fluffy it is ...quite extraordinary when you know that my previous effort was less than 2 cm high.

Now, back to the game. Recipe instructions are a little boring, so onto the next nearest book. The sentences are quite short, so I'll give you a few extra.

'Stick out your tongue,' she said. 'And say "Ahhh".'
Then the waiter was at her shoulder. 'Excuse me, madam,' he said. 'But if you're the lady with the opera party, your friends said they couldn't wait any longer.'
'Thank-you,' she said. I'll have a Glenfiddich, no ice.' A warrented indulgence. 'It's been that sort of day.'

No, doesn't make much sense to me either. It is from "nice try" which is a Murray Whelan Thriller by Shane Maloney. A friend has lent it to me because I enjoyed my book-club book this month, which was "The Brush-Off" by Shane Maloney. Part detective story, part political satire, part farce. It is set in Melbource and the "detective" is an assistant to a minister in the ALP.

Now, I don't actually know 5 people to tag, so I'll just tag 2. The first is Naomi, who is in my bookclub and will definitely have some interesting books on her shelf. The second is Marny, who travels a lot, and hopefully gets the chance to read something other than work reports whilst she is in transit. Let's see..

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