A little bit of pouf...

I don't have too much to say about this one (Vogue 8252)...just popping the photos here for pattern review. I'm not too happy about the collar...if you look at the close-up shot you can see that it doesn't fit too well. I was hoping for a softer collar that sat close to the neck. Part of the problem may be that it is a size too big, but I also think the band width is too wide and the collar design too upright. I think Vogue 8196 has a much better collar, executed beautifully on this gorgeous blouse, at Sew Tessuti


  1. Cute blouse, I like the style, the ruffle and the fabric.

  2. I think your shirt looks fabulous.Great choice of fabric. The sleeves are gorgeous and I like the ruffle down the front. I see what you mean about the collar but that's why I always like to try out the pattern first for those very reasons.

    I know it's a pain but so worth it - why don't you make it up again in another version? Making the adjustments to the collar width and length. Haven't you noticed that Georgia makes up her patterns up a few times!! The second one always works out better and you can never have too many shirts!!!

    Just wanted to stop and let you know that I am really enjoying your wonderful blog.

  3. The blouse style and fit are great other than the neckline. Your execution is wonderful and I think if you make another with the adjustments you want to make, it will be just perfect. I am enjoying your blog!