A kimono-sleeved tee

A couple of years ago I bought a bundle of Knitwit patterns off Ebay for $2 plus postage. It was out of curiosity more than anything. I remember being frustrated by these patterns as a child...I thought the patterns were just for home sewers who did not have access to designer secrets, with the result being obviously "home-made" clothes. I must admit I did cringe a little when the parcel arrived.

I can now (years and years later) finally accept a kimono sleeve tee as a legitimate design choice, so I made one up. I was planning on using this fabric for somebody else in my household, but we were going camping, and it is a beautiful weight for evening walks on the beach. I made a size 14 (out of laziness...that is what the previous pattern owner had traced off), shortened the sleeves and changed the neckline. I didn't even hem the shirt, instead just used the fringed selvedge.

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