Maxi Dress

Don't mind me skiting, but I'm feeling a little bit fabulous in my new dress.

It was inspired by this Lisa Ho dress. Hers is very ethereal; whereas mine is more jungle fever.

Mine is a cotton print, recommended by Cassandra at Oh Sew Noosa, with a silk carmeuse collar, from Spotlight. Spotlight do have a matching chiffon, which I could use for the scarf, but I think I have spent more than enough money on fabric lately. Originally, I wanted an all-cotton dress (I am trying to wean myself off sewing silks, because I don't really have a silk sort of lifestyle), but I could not find a cotton for the collar that I liked.

Normally, I love pattern drafting, but this time I thought that success would come more quickly if I cut a muslin directly on my body double. As you can see, I have run out of plain fabrics to use for my muslins...this remnant was meant to be a princess costume.


  1. Wow!! How creative is that!!! What a fabulous dress and you look fab in it!!!!

  2. So nice. I You did a great job of mimicking the original

  3. This looks really great, Katherine. You have done a first class job and I think the pool looks great too. Can't wait to test it for myself.

  4. So beautiful!
    I love the scarf collar detail

  5. Katherine,

    This one looks great! Very tropical! Very stylish! Perfect for summer cocktails by the pool.