Anna Sui arrives in central Australia

Photos taken at Ormiston Gorge

This blouse is made from Vogue pattern 2947 by designer Anna Sui. Initially I was seduced by the designer label and bought the pattern. Then I realised that the styles would not suit me at all and pushed the pattern to the bottom of a (very large and messy) pile. Then I thought of my Mum and made the blouse for her. She is currently living in Alice Springs and these photos were taken on her recent camping trip. The main fabric is a silk sheer, with a purple Liberty print cotton trim.


  1. Doesn't it feel awesome to make something for you Mom then see her looking so happy wearing it? ...that makes my day! Nice blouse :)

  2. Katherine,

    I like seeing women of this vintage wearing colour. Too often they get bogged down in dull, neutral tones. I think it gives them a lift and makes them look full of energy and life. Great choice!

  3. The top looks great on your mom and the scenery is beautiful!