DKNY silk mesh top

EmmaOneSock had a silk mesh knit listed on their site...I had never seen a silk mesh knit and was very, very curious. Needless to say, I bought it, even though it was not in my usual colours, even though I had no idea what I would use it for, even though I have plenty of other fabrics waiting to be sewn. (I have had to stop going to the EmmaOneSock, because I can just not resist purchasing the fabulous fabrics listed.) If anybody is wondering, silk mesh knit is very soft, very light and feels most luxurious.

And now I have made it up in a DKNY top (Vogue 2923). I like the top, but I'm not sure about the colours...I'm wondering if it will suit one of my sisters better. .. , still deciding, she may get my "designer" top for nothing.

I don't normally get too much response from my partner about my sewing, but he laughed when he saw this. He said the combination of the haircut and the top reminded him of some of the ladies is his street growing up...they probably didn't call them yummy mummies back then, but I'm hoping that is who he meant!


  1. I don't think the colors look too bad (course, computer monitor resolution and all, I might not be seeing it as it really is); the fabric isn't really overwhelming in that style anyway...it looks good from this end!

    I wondered about the silk mesh, too. Did you need to line it?

  2. I think the colours look nice on you- but if it doesn't feel right, then I'm sure your sister will be very pleased to bagsy such a beautiful top!

  3. I think the style you chose for the fabric is perfect and it goes really well with the shorts you have on.

  4. I think this top looks great on you, particularly with those shorts. However, it would look much better on your sister so I think you should give it to her!