Window shopping

I was all dressed up in town the other day, so I went into a rather exclusive boutique to try on dresses. The first was a divine Lisa Ho dress which made me feel like I was dancing on air.

The second was a straight dress made in a stable knit for $300...which I then came home and reproduced out of leftover fabric in less than 2 hours without a pattern, pictured here...makes the price tag seem a little steep! I think the Italian shop owner was a little suspicous when I loved the dress but had no inclination to buy...I felt that she was looking into my soul and knew that I was a sewer, but perhaps I'm just a little paranoid.

I used a viscose / nylon / elastane blend, but I think something a little more stable would be better...say Knitwit's Monaco range.

late post: I am packing for my holiday and planning for some cooler days, so I decided to pair the dress with the pants in the same material...sort of gives a loungewear effect. I've never owned loungewear before.

the pants are Vogue 2064 View D. The Obi wrap is from Threads Aug / Sept 2006.


  1. You created a very versatile garment! Very nice.

  2. Very impressed by your speedy knockoff!
    I followed you over from your comment on my WW jumper- Thank you!

  3. Congratulations on your great job copying this garment! It looks completely different paired with the pants, which makes it perfect for travel.

  4. Great look Katherine, just right for wearing to the Adelaide zoo.

  5. Katherine,

    Very easy! Very versatile! Very slimming! Great job!