My magazine jacket

People in magazines wear jackets. I, generally, do not. The world is becoming an increasingly stylish place, so I have decided to add a slick of style to my wardrobe in the form a jacket. It took me a while to choose the style (Vogue 2894 Oscar de la Renta) and even longer to choose the fabric (Roberto Cavalli cotton). I wanted a jacket that didn’t look as if it was doing overtime from the office. I live in a hot climate and only need a light jacket for a few weeks of the year…for those breezy evenings on the waterfront

I had a few doubts during the construction…for a while there the big silhouette and bold colours were giving me some shoulder-padded flashbacks from the 80’s, but I am over that now. The pockets and collar won me over.

1 comment:

  1. Like the jacket. I have the pattern also, but have not decided what to make the jacket out of. Like your fabric choice.