Groovy T-shirts

Earlier this year I became obsessed with perfecting my T-shirt pattern....why, when t-shirts are so cheap? Because they look so much better when they fit and don't roll up over my wide hips and because if you want something a little bit groovy, then they aren't so cheap anymore.

So I started with an Ottobre cross-over t-shirt pattern, made it wider through the hips, did a square shoulder adjustment, forward shoulder adjustment and prominent front shoulder adjustment to end up with a pattern that may not be perfect but is a lot closer to perfect.

Then I discovered the joys of purchasing fabric from www.emmaonesock.com . The cross-over shirt here is a triple mesh print. The long sleeved cardigan style is onion skin. The other two are a viscose knit base with cut-outs of triple mesh or onion skin.

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  1. Cute t-shirts. Don't you just love EOS fabrics.