More jackets...

Now I'm just getting carried away with jackets. This first one is Vogue 7975. It's a little out-of-date fashion wise...let's just call it classic. I loved the version featured in Threads (Jan 07), where they quilted a boucle fabric to a silk charmeuse lining. Sadly, I have not come across a boucle fabric in colours I like, so I used this wool jacquard instead... some days I like it, some days it looks a little like a couch. Perhaps that is because I grew up with a 70's orange couch (not to mention the matching orange piano...fabulous!). I made the trim for the jacket by using a crochet hook to pull loops of the silk lining through to the front of the jacket fabric.

This next jacket is Vogue 8319. The pattern is for a matching dress and jacket, and I hope that one day my wardrobe calls for a matching dress and jacket because it is tres chic. I bought this fabric over the internet...it was described as a cotton chamois and was nothing like what I was expecting, so then I had to find a use for it. The buttons are covered in faux fur, inspired by a mink button my mother was telling me she had stashed away. Most of my photographs are taken by my 4 yo daughter ... not bad, hey?

I have 2 more jacket patterns I want to try...Vogue 2922 Guy Laroche double breasted jacket with large collar and lapels (a bit like a cut-off trench) and Vogue 2793 Denim-style jacket.


  1. I think your orange jacket is very fashionable. Fashion is what you make of it, not what someone says it should be! Very nice job!

  2. I too find your orange jacket very stylish. I'd wear it in a hearbeat!

  3. I am considering making the Vogue 8319 for a mother-of-the-bride suit. What would you say about linen? Some time of silk? I'd appreciate your thoughts.