Stylearc Ethel Top

Here is the Stylearc Ethel Designer Top to go with the previous pants.  I can't show it to you with the pants, because they are in the wash.

The fabric is a linen.  I think this top will get even better with wear, as the linen fades and the design details show up a little more.  

I made a couple of minor fitting changes, that are standard for me.  I have previously mentioned my tendency to rip tops with extended sleeves, with the rip originating under the arms.  In an attempt to prevent this, I added a tiny gusset out of a knit fabric.


Joyce said...

What a lovely top! I've had this pattern on my 'To do' list for over a year so maybe now's the time to get on with it. It's lovely in the blue linen.

Soposie said...

I’m curious whether that knit gusset helps over the long term; good idea. Nice job with fitting. I've seen some versions that don’t look too flattering, but this fits nicely around the shoulders.

AllisonC said...

One of my favourite colours so obviously I love this top!! This is the kind of simple looking top with interesting subtle details that Style Arc does so well.