Crushed cotton cami

So nice to hear that you all enjoy t-shirt sewing as well!

This is a camisole that I made whilst visiting family in Brisbane, without a pattern.  I should have made a blog label for that sort of sewing, because, over the years, quite a few garments have been made that way.

 I bought the fabric on sale from The Fabric Store in Brisbane.

 Smiling or in focus?  Can't have both.

 I utilised the selvedge for the hem.

 I cut strips along the fabric's tatting (correct word??) and used these strips for the straps and to make a frill along the neckline.

The camisole sits perfectly and covers my bra when I am standing still, but on a crying, walking, sleeping, talking, living doll, it is a bit revealing, so I have to double it up with another cotton cami


  1. Very pretty. I love the shape of the neckline - reminds me of Cloudland (in an upside down way). Too bad you can't wear it alone for coolness (temperature) but with the white underneath it gives it a different coolness.

  2. Pretty! I like the selvage hem and easy shape a lot!

  3. Very pretty and a lovely way to use the selvage hem.

  4. Such lovely fabric - I have a penchant for buying this type of fabric without figuring out what to do with it; my climate have too few hot days, I guess.

    The cami is very pretty; great use of the selvedge!