A few last things.

The removalists arrive tomorrow, and I am guessing that I will be offline for quite a while.  Before I go, here are two underwear sets I made quickly to test some patterns.

The first bra is Jalie 3131.  It does not have underwires.  Some notes
- it is more supportive than I was expecting
- I added underwire casing, even though I did not use underwires, to provide a little more structure and support, and to keep all those seam allowances neat
-  I would like to modify this to use as a sports bra.  To do this, I would make the back band shorter and I would change the shape of the back band so that the straps cross over in the back.
- I think gingham underwear is cute!
- the knickers are my self drafted pattern with CB seam.  I need to go down a size, so for this version, I pulled the elastic tighter than I normally do.

The second bra is Elan #540.  I have made this pattern before when I was a smaller size. Some notes
- I modified the back to have a racer back style.  This is really comfy and something I need in my underwear drawer.
- I need to take more care next time when attaching the bridge pieces, so that the cups sit evenly when I am wearing it.
- the bust point is in the wrong spot for me.  Next time, I will try moving the BP to the "A" position, even though I will stay with the "B" size.
- the knickers are self drafted, from  "Patternmaking for Underwear Design" by Kristina Shin.  I pulled the elastic tighter than normal on these, thinking it was a weak ealstic, but the elastic is not so stretchy, so this did not work out well.  I need to remember this, as I have quite a lot of this elastic.
- I was all out of findings, so I ducked down to the op shop, when they had tubs of bras for $50c a bra.  I took a handful of coloured bras home with me and cut off all the coloured findings.  Economical and no shipping to pay!

So farewell for now.  I will keep reading your blogs via my phone, but I find it too tedious to comment on the phone, so you won't hear from me for a while.  xx


  1. Oh removalists, hope it all goes to plan. Lovely lingerie and great idea to go to the op shop for the findings.

  2. Very lovely bra sets, especially the gingham, its very cute. All the best with your move!

  3. Have a safe and happy move, and hope you get your sewing space configured quickly in the new house!

  4. Very cute sets.
    I hope your move goes smoothly. Good luck!

  5. Oh so cute... I love gingham underwear and I am so into aqua at the moment. They are all so nice. Good luck with the move.

  6. So very, very cute and well made. Good luck with the move.

  7. The gingham is super cute! Especially in blue. Lovely to see the comparison between underwire and non. Do you ever get headaches from wearing racerback bras?

    May your move be easy, fun, and full of light-hearted adventures! Look forward to seeing your posts on the other side of the move.

    1. I get headaches from halter neck swimsuits but not from racerbacks.

  8. These are adorable! I would love to have the top one as a swimsuit, I love the style :)

    Natasha ~ TashaDelrae

  9. The gingham one is very cute but the floral one is gorgeous!

  10. Love these! The gingham isn't a stretch fabric? How does that work across the back?
    Hehe love the op-shop solution. I've thought of that myself but never actually done it.
    And good luck with all the moving.

    1. IT is not real gingham. It is a gingham print on a knit fabric.

  11. I love the gingham!

    I have the Jalie 3131 pattern, but just haven't seen that many reviews, and no glowing ones. I'm glad to hear it's more supportive than you expected.