Supplex sports bras

I have been wearing these sports bras for the last 6 weeks or so and am really happy with them.

One layer of the fabric is a supplex from eclipse textiles, which I ordered through Beach Bubble Swimwear (great service!).  The other layer is a power mesh that I bought when elingerie was closing.  Most of the top is a double layer.  I was guided by the RTW top when deciding to put the mesh on the inside our outside of each panel.

Looking at the photos, I am wondering why I didn't use matching fluffy thread, as I do own fluffy thread in this colour.  Must have been in a hurry that day.  Also, I need to tidy up the join on the shoulder.

I made the pattern by cutting up an old RTW bra.  They are too expensive for me to cut up normally, but this one was getting rather mouldy (love the tropics!).  The bottom of the back band curved up - I don't know if this is the design or is deformation from wear, but I kept this curve in my pattern.

I used the same fabric to make another Jalie 3245.

The running is going well and I can now jog 5 km quite comfortably.


  1. Well done on the running! I think Beach Bubble swimwear was closing up, but don't quote me on that... Great looking sports bra - if you can make a comfy supportive sports bra you are saving yourself heaps of money and angst!

  2. Wow! Jogging for 5kms! Awesome! I can run about 50 meters with ease :)

  3. Looking good! I need a bit more support and still buy my sports bra's, but perhaps I'll try one some day. I started running only this week and doing a program to get me to 5 km in nine weeks. Great result for you to be able to do that.

    1. Good luck with your running! I only started this year, with a similar 8 week program.

  4. These look really great! I love the design element of the curved fabric in back. I sew my own running gear, too and totally appreciate a great fitting compression bra!!

  5. That is fantastic on the running. I love the sports bras - the curved back seam is really cool.

  6. My running has ground to a halt - bad knee! But I love your sports bra.

  7. Your sports bra is very inspiring - it looks good and seems to fit well. I started running this summer sporadically, but won't resume till spring. I'm not so dedicated that I want to freeze to death! I tried Jalie 2563, but want to alter it somewhat to avoid the "completely flat" appearance.

  8. Very nice bras. It makes a big difference when you're running a lot! Congrats on making it to the 5K distance.

  9. I really like those brass and I wish I had the guts to tore apart my favourite sports bra just to get the pattern, but... nah, better not I guess :D I am actually really in between in terms of sewing my own sports bra. I have several RTW brass, but although each and every one of them has different material, cut and is from a different manufacturer, they all seem to share the same flaw - khmkhm "nipple visibility" I am not very large busted so I almost never have a probleem with not having enough support, but if it's rather chilly outside (or in the gym), I do not feel very comfortable with just a sheer shirt over my sports bra. Now, when thinking of making my own, I even bought some thin foam-like material to maybe somehow relive this problem,but I'm still not sure how it would turn out... Do you have any tips for avoiding this delicate probleem?