Cheap & cheerful (lemon scented) pom poms

This post is not about a sewn item, per se, rather an accessory for the dance costumes that I have been making lately. 

Dance costumes for end-of-year concerts are always a big expense at the wrong time of year, so I thought I would keep the costs down by making the pom poms for the jazz class to use in their "cheer-leading" routine.  These worked out at about $2 per set.

Supplies:  Multix large garbage bags, hat elastic, packing tape, rotary cutter, ruler and mat

Stack 7 garbage bags on top of each other.  Cut off the bottoms of the bags.

 Cut off the handles.

 Fold the bags in half.  Use the rotary cutter to cut strips in the bags, stopping the cuts about 3 inches from the folded end.  My strips were 1 - 1.5 cm wide.

Take a length of hat elastic (~30 cm) .  Tie a loop in the elastic, large enough to go over the wrist.

Thread the loose ends of the hat elastic through the middle of the folded bags, at the folded edge, and tie to secure.

Wrap a length of packing tape around the folded end, to form a handle.  The loose ends of elastic can be secured under the tape.

Separate each of the strands to "fluff" the pop pom (this step is a little tedious).

 Cheer away!


  1. Cute. The yellow really pops. I'm not sure how far you are into this project and how many you have to make and have already made but thought I'd give some pom pom making advice. My top tip: it's best to have the handle section placed at the centre rather than the end. We have a crate of these things at work that have been passed onto us by pros and they have the handle at the centre. After many hours of pom pom shaking, I can appreciate why they are in the middle - they look better and are easier to handle. Hope this is helpful.

  2. Go girls! Yellow was my daughters' house colour.