Another quickie tank

When this fabric turned up in my mail box, I was disappointed that I hadn't ordered more of it.  It is a really funky fabric.  It is a knit, with a surface texture not unlike a pique.  It stretches a lot in the width, but not at all in the length (I had to really tug on it to match fronts to back for this pattern, which includes bust ease by stretching the side back to match a longer side front). 

When I threw it in the wash, one end frayed away almost completely for about 5 cm and the other end did not fray at all. 

I would have liked enough for a dress, but I only ordered a yard, so I used Jalie 3245 to make a tank top.

Some flukey stripe matching at the sides.

I have been sewing up all my supplex fabric, and hope to show you soon.  In the meantime....GO THE WALLABIES!


  1. Flukey stripe matching is the best, isn't it? I love that fabric, too.

  2. Great tank there. Gosh, it must get hot in summer if you can wear a tank top in Winter.

    1. Yes, it is actually still too hot to wear jeans, most days. I just put them on for the photo.

  3. I love it and great flukey matching

  4. Great fabric choice. Hard to know how much to purchase especially online. I have some Jalie patterns so I must revisit them in terms of my next project.

  5. I love the simple tank top to show off this lovely fabric. Beautiful colours and the necklace looks great with it :)

  6. That is so wonderful on you-I love woven tees and tanks.