Sewing clutch, beta version

Ever since I saw Amy Butler's project for a fashion checkbook clutch, I have been wanting to adapt it to make a sewing clutch.    I have the fabric.  I even have the peltex.  I keep forgetting which length of zipper to buy. 

I have been stalling though.  Then I realised that it was because I didn't want to sew an expensive, fiddly project if it turned out to be not-quite-right.  Which leads me to...the beta version. 

I made this clutch using a travel pouch from our last holiday that came with our tickets, itinerary etc.  I sewed lines down the existing pockets to create smaller pockets.  I sewed in a mini pincushion.  I had to slide a piece of plastic in behind the pincushion to stop the pins coming through to the outside.  I sewed in a couple of zip-lock bags to hold buttons and hooks-and-eyes.  I sewed in a length of elastic to hold cotton reels.  Twenty minutes and almost zero cost.

I love that this clutch is flat, and can be carried easily amongst books, magazines etc.  It will live in my tote bag, because I like to carry around my hand-stitching for the odd times where I am sitting, waiting...football training, gymnastics carnivals etc. 

If it works well, I may go on to the real version, but then, if it works really well, I may not need to.


  1. Very handy. My money's on you never actually sewing one now.

  2. Looks VERY handy. I keep my portable sewing stuff in a plastic shoebox, which isn't terribly portable!