It is a shame that I did not take a before photo or even do a tutorial for this first re-fashion, because it is such a useful re-fashion for fast-growing children.  This was a long-sleeved top that had become too short.  The younger cousins are out-growing my children and it was possibly a tad too grubby to give to the op shop, so I turned it into a tank top.  Tank tops have a lower neckline than t-shirts, so the length was just about perfect.  I used the existing hem, side seam and neckline.  I laid the "Brooklyn Tank Top" pattern from "Sewing clothes Kids Love" over the top to cut the shape of the armholes.  I then made the straps from fold-over elastic, but you could easily use the fabric from the cut-off sleeves to make straps.  Quick, yet satisfying.

I do have a before photo for this next re-fashion.  It was a women's t-shirt with voluminous sleeves that I picked up from the op shop for $2.  The fabric was a lightweight cotton knit with a lovely sheen.  It looked hardly worn.  I guess somebody regretted those sleeves when they got home.

I turned it into a singlet and knicker set for my daughter.  Not sure why.  I was pretty busy that week.  I guess I just needed $2 worth of fun.  The singlet was based on an Ottobre pattern, though I added the frills.  The knickers were made using a Jalie pattern.


  1. Cute refashions. I do like your singlet and knicker sets.

  2. Those are terrific re-dos. And, I love the shirt in your last post.