How long does your sewing last?

I have made more than a dozen of these pencil rolls as gifts for my children's friends over the past few years.  I mostly make them out of remnants of my dressmaking fabrics, although some I do sew in brighly coloured children's fabric.

Each time I make one, I wonder how long it will be used and cherished.  I like to think that they will be used for decades; that some child will go on to become an artist, designer, achitect etc and will still be using this to store their sketching pencils.  Dreaming?  Probably.


  1. Brilliant idea for a gift for my arty son! I have made similar to hold crochet hooks and knitting needles - another great gift!

  2. Wonderful gift. It can last a long time, if taken care of. My girls wore dresses that my mom sewed for me as a girl. Maybe a little fades but wonderful to see them in it!

  3. It looks like a great gift!

    Some of the clothing I've made my kids has gotten trashed. Other things sit in their drawers and stay pristine. At least I know which items they love! Maybe a well-loved pencil roll is easier to take care of than the knees of well-loved pants.

  4. Nice selection of materials. Looks very classic. Should be around for years to come!