A brief post

My daughter needed flesh and white coloured full briefs for under her dance costumes.  I thought that it might be quicker to make them than do the rounds of the shops to find knickers that weren't pink or blue or covered with pretty motifs. 

These briefs are worn over stockings, and possibly other undergarments, depending on costume changes, to keep everything up and together.  I tried out a few different patterns which I will review here  (I realise that this post will be of interest to a very, very small audience...but at the end I will put links to the skirt in the last post that a few of you asked about...scroll straight there if you like).

This first photo shows the comparison between Jalie 2915 and Jalie 2564, both made in Sz J.  The underneath pair are made from 2915, which is a pattern for a leotard and tutu skirt.  I thought that this pattern would be ideal, but for my daughter, there was too much fabric bunched up around her bum cheeks.  Jalie 2564 is a briefs pattern.  The circumference is narrower and the legs cut higher.  I was worried that it would not give enough coverage, but they fit her really well (she does not have much of a bottom...genetics can be strange).

Then, out of curiosity, I thought I would compare them to Stuart's children's block, which is what I use to make her leotards. I cut this next pair with a lower waist line, as she is not used to full briefs and kept pulling them down.  Stuart's block is not as full across the bottom as 2915.  Its leg line is a little lower than 2564.  The back is very similar to the 2564, but the front differs.  For Stuart's block, the front and back are the same width.  2564 has the front narrower than the back, which you can see in the seamlines in the top photo.

I compared the patterns to Jalie 2447, a tankini pattern.  Jalie 2447 has a curvier leg line, but I didn't make it up.  I have since made some swimmers using Jalie 2792, which is very similar to Stuart's block, with a little more negative ease...review to come!  Can you tell that I am a teensy bit obsessed by patterns?  Most people would have just made one, and modifed it to suit. 

In the end I made a fourth pair, which was mostly based on Stuart's block, but using the higher leg line from 2564.  I can't find these today to photograph.  I didn't ever think that I would bother to make girl's knickers, but these were not too hard and look cute, so I may just sew these again to use up scraps of fabric.  I should keep some elastic in stash as elastic is way overpriced at Spotlight.  The beige elastic used here was from BoobyTraps, the ivory from Bra-makers Supply and the white from Spotlight.

Now it seems I have more readers these days.  I love connecting with other people who sew, so welcome to my little blogspace.  I love getting comments, although sometimes they make me feel slack because I don't comment on as many other blogs as I would like to.  My relaxation time these days is to look at other people's sewing, but it is usually in 5 minute grabs, so I don't always get to comment.

The skirt in the pevious post was reviewed here.

Here are links to some of my more funky sewing, that you may also like, if you liked that skirt.  Enjoy!


  1. Thanks for posting that link to the skirt and the details on its creation; it is gorgeous! Good luck with the knickers...

  2. How nice that you can make the bloomers for your little one. I followed the links to your various garments, and I just LOVE LOVE that first patch skirt.

    You mentioned in comments on another's blog that you love your "style books"... sounds intriquing... what is that???

  3. I can't believe it was really faster to make up all those underpants than to go out and buy some, I think you were looking for an excuse to justify your secret desire to discover the ultimate under tutu underpant.

    Most impressed. I would have gone shopping, after all it's not for me,me, me.