Bubblegum Sewing

On impulse, I decided to sew up all my knit remnants on the weekend.

This is what my daughter ended up with.  She has worn all of these already, so one happy customer.

For my records,
The pink singlet was cut out months and months ago, from a RTW singlet, can't remember which one.
The watermelon pink singlet was made from the Ottobre close fitting t-shirt, Sz 110 chest 60 cm.  It is too big for a singlet in fabric this stretchy.
The blue shirt was based on the purple princess ballet costumes I made last year, derived from an Ottobre pattern, chest 57 cm.  It is a snug fit.
The knit shorts were based on a Burda pattern, Sz 6.

My younger son got a handful of t-shirts.

He wasn't too convinced about them so we had to embellish with freezer paper screen printing.  The boy on the scooter is from a photo of himself (Thanks Bernice & Paul for the idea).  The green fabric I bought from Knitwit 8 years ago when I sewed a heap of clothes for my first born baby.

The pattern was the Ottobre straight t-shirt, sz 92 with extra length.  The 2 shirts on the right were made with the Ottobre recommended neckband, but for this rib I really needed extra length.

I was having so much fun that I was a bit sad when I ran out of remnants.  So then my nephew scored a pair of pants, made using a Kwiksew pattern, Sz 1.

And lastly, I made myself a pair of knickers from Jalie 2564, with another pair ready for when I get more elastic.  I wore them yesterday and forgot I had them on, which is probably the best compliment you can pay a pair of knickers.  No creeping, pulling or tugging.

My knits remnant drawer is just about empty, making room for all my new knit fabrics.


  1. Wow! I'm interested in the Ottobre tshirt patterns - are they from their creative packs? Every time I see a tshirt in their pattern books and get excited about it it seems like it turns out to be from Creative Pack 301 (I think it is) which is frustrating. I tried sewing undies awhile ago and I could definitely tell I had them on! I must give it another go with a different pattern because they were very easy to do.

  2. You scored a lot of nice garments from an "impulse"! I love both the ruffles and the stenciling.

  3. Love the bright colours. I really miss sewing for my daughters. When they were little I made all their clothes and occasionally strangers would ask me where I had bought a particular garment from. This made me really proud. Now my eldest is travelling light 12,000 kms away and my youngest thinks homemade equals daggy and is happily raiding big sister's closet so doesn't need anything.

  4. I love the ruffles. You did a great job of these. The printing on Miles's shirts look great. I really like the negative print. It creates I very funky effect indeedy .I'm sure Toby will love his stripy pants.

  5. Very clever use of remnants, they have come up very fetchingly. I'm so glad your daughter is using them - I have heard of mothers painstakingly producing things that never get worn - not something I am ever likely to experience.

  6. So many lovely children's knits! I love the freezer paper print, too. Looks very exclusive/expensive/designer to me!

  7. That's a lotta' sewing! And terrific childrens='s garments!