An oversized clutch

I'm one of those last minute sewers who is stitching right up until the moment a dress needs to be worn.  Then I realise that I don't have bag or shoes.  I decided to do something about this, with Vogue 8527 offering 3 oversized clutch designs.

The fabric is a silk duponi and a darker turquoise than the photograph suggests.  It is from my mother-in-law's linen press. It is one of the "good remnants".   I'm always hopeful when somebody offers me their fabric stash, even though they mostly turn out to be grandma polyester knit prints from the late seventies / early eighties. 

I didn't realise that the pattern was for an oversized clutch.  Even though Vogue provides dimensions on the pattern envelope, I never seem able to comprehend these figures before the pattern is purchased.  I prefer it when they photograph the designs on a life-sized model.  Actually, I can't put too much more in it than a regular sized clutch, otherwise it becomes too heavy to, um, well, clutch.  I do like it though, and I think that  I'll make it again in a more sedate fabric.


  1. What a great clutch! I love the pleats in it, such a nice idea to have a complimentary bag to go with special outfit. I hope you are feeling verrrrry smug.

  2. How luxurious. I'm glad there was a "good" remnant. Your clutch looks great, and I love the colour.

  3. That clutch is beautiful. I was aware of the size (as I had seen it noted that you can size the pattern down on a photocopier?). But I think that size looks great and gives a lovely touch of colour to an outfit. I must make this one soon!

  4. Gorgeous! I'll have to borrow the pattern to sew one for myself to go with my new silk dress!