Postcard from FNQ

This is my everyday winter jumper, gone on holidays. It is Burda WOF 11/2007 118, with princess seams, raglan sleeves and an interesting cross-over bit at the front of the hood (see my pattern review for more sewing details). I think I will use this pattern again, maybe for a funkier version, maybe for a sportier version.

I have just spent a couple of weeks camping up north. This is a sewing blog, but please indulge me as I show a few nature shots. Our first stop was Babinda Boulders. In the legends of the local Aboriginal tribe it is told that the spirit of maiden Oolana dwells within the submerged boulders of the creek and she cries out to her lover who was forcibly taken away from her. My guide book says that it is strange and sad that recent history records the deaths of many young men near the very place of Oolana's tragedy.

See how smooth these boulders are? They must have been covered by fast flowing water for milennia. Swimming would be extremely hazardous after heavy rains.

I quite liked this tree, waiting for the river to rise again.

Now I could not leave my sewing completely behind, even when camping....the nights were so cold that it was into the tent not long after nightfall, where I was snuggled up in the luxury of a double feather doona all to myself, reading by torchlight...my fashion mags, the latest Threads and a book on the construction of strapless bodices!

Then it was a few days in Cairns (where I did borrow my sister's sewing machine for a quick project) before setting out to Noah's Beach in the Daintree. It rained almost the whole time we were there, so I didn't take many photos. The kids thought that the highlight of the holiday was a small creek crossing we had to do in the Daintree. Here is a photo of our bedding hanging out to dry on the beach.

We spent a day walking through the rainforest at Mossman Gorge, which is quite possibly the nicest place to be when it is raining. The walk was spectacular and I am so proud of my children for walking the whole way without a single complaint...5 km is a long way for little legs. Again, no photos, but I did get a shot of these very groovy "furry" trees in the town of Mossman. On closer inspection, there were lots of smaller plants (epiphytes?) growing up the trunks of the larger trees.


  1. Your top looks great for holidays.Thanks for your camping trip shots, these are the sort of holidays we take, so it always good to see more gorgeous places to visit.

  2. Not to worry... my sewing blog is more like a health blog these days (I really need to rectify the situation!!). I love taking sewing mags away on holidays, keeps the inspiration flowing, and I just love that top (is there a close-up? maybe the PR link... I'll check it out). Love the holiday snaps, esp. that incredible tree. It's almost eerie.