My pattern contest - part 6

These are the final photos for the pattern review "MY pattern contest." There are a lot of photos because the rules ask for front, back and side views.

Front views (I couldn't pick which was best)

Back view (one is more than enough!) You can see that I decided to go with the exposed zipper in the end.

Side views

So, a lot of photos, but not nearly as many as I took. Does everyone else have to take hundreds of photos just to get one that looks okay? It probably doesn't help that my photography team are all under the age of 6. Looking for a tidy corner to take a photo is another issue.

I overcome my construction problems by interlining the skirt with poplin. Interlining pieces are typically the same as fashion fabric pieces, but in this skirt, I cut a basic 4 gore A-line skirt for the interlining. I then attached the drapes of the outer skirt to the interlining, to hold them in place.


  1. This turned out beautiful. Love your skirt.
    Getting good pictures is difficult for me too. Sometimes it depends on a willing family member, other times I use the self timer, which takes more time and certainly more pictures.

  2. Wow, what a cool skirt! I really admire your slicing technique, don't know if I would have been able to crack this code myself. As for taking photos - oh yes. Actually I mostly use the timer and tripod these days, because I have driven both my BF and 9 year old to semi despair with my requirements; "you know the buttoning doesn't look quite right in that picture".

  3. oh this is just FABULOUS! It turned out so perfect in the end, and I appreciate the end result even more for reading through the whole process of making and designing it.

  4. beautiful skirt, good luck!

  5. Wow - love it! Great cut, great fitting, love the color.

    For the 'front' views, I really love the third pic the best.

    Well done!!

  6. Your skirt turned out great!
    I really love the color and the length, but the side treatment really takes it up a notch or two.
    Taking photos is really something I loathe, I always feel like I look terrible and that I'm not showcasing the garment as well as I should.