Party bunting

Round here, we have switched from Christmas and New Year to birthday season. To help celebrate, I made 20 metres of this party bunting

It took less time than I anticipated...I cut out the fabric (mostly remnants) with pinking shears. I needed a front and back for each flag. I overlocked the tops of the front and back flags together, with wrong sides facing. The kids and I then had a little session of patterns and sequencing to put all the bits in order! I then zig-zagged a red tape on the outside of the flag, stringing all the flags together. I did this with the help of my ribbon foot, which I bought after being inspired by an embellishing article and then never used.

One of the reasons that I have been able to do this is because I sorted all my remnants when my brother-in-law helped me put the shelves into a cupboard that Peter built me a year or so ago... my sewing cupboard now looks like this, with my woven stash hanging and remnants sorted in drawers below. How good is this!!

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