Not so resolute-ions

I have been reading everyone else's sewing resolutions for the year, and was thinking about my plans....a few weeks ago they were;

1. Make a wide-legged pair of pants...time to finally cast off the boot-cut pattern I have been using for the past few years.

2. Get David Coffin's book on shirt-making and spend the time to get a shirt muslin that fits well.

3. Make a one-piece swimsuit that fits and is suitable for lap swimming.

...but then, I received my Threads magazine and saw this article

I have a piece of silk charmeuse that would be perfect for this project. Then, my mother sent me this gorgeous piece of silk for my birthday.

I think I will use it to make a shell top. I don't know whether to start with one of my existing patterns, use my close-fitting block or drape a bodice. The top half is where I have trouble with fitting...square shoulders, forward shoulders, small bust, broad back, narrow front, wide hips...so I'm not sure which will be the easiest approach for a fitted top...maybe I need some lessons.

These are the existing patterns I have that could be used. I am leaning towards the Vogue pattern, because that is the brand I mostly use and I think that those diagonal lines could be useful for fitting. The McCalls pattern looks like a classic shell, but I am not too familiar with McCalls patterns...they tend to be the patterns that I buy and never get around to making up.

So much for my resolutions. As for last year's resolution...to not be sew lazy and refill the bobbin thread when it runs out, rather than make my way through all the different coloured bobbins until there is no thread left on any of them...I have definitely improved and (almost always) refill the bobbin now.

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