A few useful things

I have been doing more "useful" sewing than garment creation lately. I made some shopping bags out of this groovy, recycled fabric. I would love to have a set of groovy shopping bags instead of my calico Woolworths ones, but sadly, I made these as a gift.

I made a book bag out of this retro fabric...I usually make book bags out of leftovers, but I thought that this fabric was fabulous and bought it just for this purpose.

I made a changeroom for our new swimming pool, hoping to reduce the amount of wet togs and towels that find their way upstairs. It needs a little modification to it's suspension, but works well enough for the moment.

I made a few of these vests for my son's tap dancing concert, as well as his trousers. And lastly, I made a t-shirt for my Mum, but I didn't get a picture of it.

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