Sewer's mistakes

A recent article in the Australian Stitches magazine listed the top 10 wardrobe mistakes of a sew ... and oh how true they were. See how you fare....

1. Wearing the wrong colour. I used to scoff at people who paid to get their colours "done", but now I know what a difference it makes. It just takes so much discipline to resist a beautiful fabric in the wrong colour, and colour trends don't help either. I'm still working on this one.

2. Sewing and wearing garments that are too big. Not guilty, but I think the pattern companies can take some of the blame for this one...some of their size measurements don't seem to match the patterns.

3. Not wearing what we sew. I've got this one covered as well, almost always wearing something I've sewn myself.

4. Not accessorising. HELP ME. When I flick through the Burda WOF magazine, I notice how the shoes or the accessories really complete the outfit. I can feel a New Year's resolution comingon.

5. Putting all our money into fabric and not enough into ourselves. For me, fabric is therapy.

6. Mixing day and evening wear. This mistake is not limited to sewers. There is a lady who collects her child from Saturday dance class in killer heels and heavy makeup. The first time, I thought she may have been continuing on from a late night out, but she looks like this every week. I'm just jealous that she can walk in heels that high.

7. Spending all out time sewing and not enough grooming. Again, guilty, but working on it.

8. Focusing on big projects and neglecting everyday clothes. Really, how many evening dresses does a stay-at-home mum need?

9. Neglecting undergarments (I think that means wearing the wrong ones, not omitting them).

10. Not investing enough time in fit. I'm proud to say that I have really been working on fit this last year, with much improved results.

One thing they don't mention is choosing the wrong styles. I have just bought Trinny and Susannah's Body Shape Bible...I love their work, but I'm a little confused now. There are too many shapes to choose from, and still none of them seem quite right.

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  1. Katherine,

    There are so many mistakes we keep on making. Mine is that I don't imagine the garment on me but rather on some beautiful, slim and younger model. This could be part of my new year resolution:- to view myself realistically.