Not red velvet

Twenty years ago, I was very taken with a girl I saw wearing red velvet pants.  I went out and bought some red velvet the next day (actually cheap red velveteen, because I didn't have much money then).  Only I didn't have the confidence to make and wear red velvet pants.  The velveteen sat in my stash for years and years and eventually I gave it away in one of my house moves.

Then a few years ago I saw this patterned red denim at EmmaOneSock and thought it would be a better way to fulfill my 20 year old vision.  I used an old Vogue Alice and Olivia pattern that had been stashed and never used, V2812.

I still feel that red is a bit dramatic for my everyday, but I did wear these trousers to the pop-up Globe Theatre to watch Hamlet.  I don't think you could over-do the drama for Hamlet :).


  1. Great pants! Perfect for Shakespeare!

  2. Love it. Very late 90s! Very on trend!

    Love the scarf too. Did you make it?

    I had a pair of black pinstripe corduroy trousers I lived in when i was backpacking in colder places, around that time. Tres chic!