Stylearc Teddy Top

Pattern: Stylearc Teddy Designer Top
Fabric: Nani Iron Beau Yin Yang Kokka linen with dot from Miss Matatabi

Comments:  This pattern comes in two lengths.  My top is actually between the two lengths.


Fehr Trade Kinetic Tee

Not much sewing at the end of 2018 and even less blogging.  I am going to try and blog what I have sewn but details will be scant!

Fabric: Bamboo knit from EmmaOneSock

Comments:  This pattern is designed for exercise wear, but I have been wearing this as I would a regular tee.  I think it would be great made up in plain black as well.  I am thinking of trying the version with sleeves in a lightweight terry knit.


Swoon Pattern Sydney Crossbody Bag

Travel always necessitates sewing!  For a family trip overseas earlier this year, I decided that I needed a new day bag.  After much consideration, I chose the Sydney Crossbody Bag from Swoon Sewing Patterns.

The features I was looking for in a bag pattern were
- big enough to hold a jacket / cardigan and a water bottle
- zip closure to minimise losing stuff and to minimise pick-pocket access
- a few pockets to secure items, and at least 1 zippered internal pocket, but not so many pockets that it takes you ages of hunting to find where you stashed your whatsit.
- cross body style.

Some of the changes I made to the pattern were

  • I didn't use leather as the accent on the front, because my leather was so hard to stitch through
  • I used press studs instead of magnetic clasps on the front pockets
  • I used a press stud instead of stitches in the middle of the back pocket, so that the pocket was large enough to hold a magazine if the press stud was opened
  • It is hard to see in the photos, but I used leather accents to attach the D-buckles for the straps.  I finished the edges of the leather with leather edge finisher.  This was my first time using edge finisher.  I attached the leather accents to the bag with rivets.
  • I cut down the size of the lining pieces.  I often wonder why so many bag patterns have the lining pieces the same size as the outside.  This always results in extra folds of lining on the inside.  I know the difference in size depends on fabric choice, but they could have a go.  From memory, I took off 1/2 inch from all sides of the lining for the main panels, side panels and base.
  • I didn't interface as many pieces as the pattern suggested, because I think my fabric was sturdier than their suggestions.
  • My memory is hazy, but I think I changed the method of construction for the front zippered pocket so that there was no seam in the lining pieces.  
It is worth noting that this bag takes a lot of fabric.  The main bag is lined, the back pocket is lined, the front zippered pocket is lined, the front patch pockets are lined and there is an internal lined zippered pocket.  I used a gorgeous Nani Iro cotton canvas for the main of the bag.  I originally bought the fabric for a dress after I saw someone else wearing a dress from this fabric, but really, I think it is a bit heavy for a dress.  I used a mid weight twill for the main lining pieces, but after I realised how heavy all the layers of fabric and lining were going to be, I switched to a cotton lawn for some of the pocket internals.  I actually used a few different fabrics for the lining as I didn't have enough of any one fabric.  The strap is from almost the last of some ikea canvas I bought years ago.

The bag was a huge success.  The front zippered pocket was good for holding passports for everyone.  Now that I am home, I use that pocket for my phone and keys.  

The front patch pocket was easily accessible to those constantly asking for my lip balm.  Now that I am home, I have filled one of those pockets with all those extra cards from my wallet.  I could easily leave these pockets off a future version of the bag.

Unlike a backpack, I didn't have to constantly take my bag on and off as we got on and off buses etc.

I still haven't downloaded all my holiday snaps, but I have found one of it in action.

I have kept using the bag as my main handbag since returning home.  You may have seen it in a few of my recent posts.


Workout wear 2018

My entry into the Pattern Review mini-wardrobe contest was workout wear.  I have written up all the reviews over there, so will just provide links if you are interested in pattern details, fabric selection etc.

I started with the Jalie Isabelle leggings, which I modified to have a great big side pocket.

Next up was the Jalie Loulouxe skort, which I modified to be made up in a stretch woven.

The first top was the Greenstyle Creations tie-back tank.  I forgot to get a photo of it untied.

My second top was a self-drafted loose fitting tee.  Usually I run in tank tops, so this is a bit of a departure for me.

The final garment was the Stylearc Steffi Jacket.

 Whew!  Just getting them sewn and written up within the deadline was a workout in itself.


Jalie Vanessa Pant

When I bought some of the new Jalies, I took the opportunity to add some of their previous releases to my cart, including the Vanessa fluid pants.  I do have similar patterns, but I have seen so many great versions of these made up that I thought I would give them a go.

This is my second pair.  My first pair was made in a chambray from Spotlight, just guessing at the fitting changes I would need.  I made a few more tweaks to the pattern before sewing this version.

The fabric is a tencel from EmmaOneSock, and a much lovelier quality than my Spotlight version..  It looks grey, but the frayed threads after washing show that the threads are black in one direction and a mix of white and olive green in the other.  I prewashed the fabric at least 3 times, because I have had issues with tencel in the past, in that it continues to shrink wash after wash after wash (sadly these Stylearc jamie pants have quickly become too short and tight).

I love the look of woven joggers of others, but somehow the reality has never looked the same on my legs. I don't have supermodel legs.  Even though these have an elastic waist, I thought I would work on the fitting, to remove the saggy under-the-bum bit, and make the pants a little more streamlined through the thigh.

I followed a fitting tutorial by Lena of Iconic Patterns for a flat seat adjustment that actually works.  I wouldn't have thought I had a flat seat, but it seemed to do the trick.

I'm pretty happy with the outcome.  I'll have to remember this fitting method and apply it to some of my other pants patterns.

I did borrow the hem detail from the Stylearc Jamie pants, with its cuff front and elasticated back.  The legs might be a little long, but I am short the tencel will shrink some more in spite of all my pre-washing.

This wasn't the outfit I was planning on wearing.  I had a lovely new white linen Stylearc Teddy top picked out, but I was heading out for breakfast and didn't want to end up with egg on my white linen.  So instead I grabbed this self drafted tank top that I have been meaning to blog anyway.  The side seams wrap to the front, which was necessary to get the top to fit out of these beautifully matched remnants.  The front is linen remnant that I bought in a Miss Matatabi sale and the rayon back is leftovers from a jumpsuit I made my daughter.