Stylearc Portsea Luxe Sweat

 This is my version of Stylearc's Portsea Luxe Sweat, made up in a white sweatshirting from Tessuti.

The only change I made was to remove the neckband, after basting, overlocking and coverstitching it in place, because I decided I wasn't happy with how it was sitting after all.  I ended up replacing it with a shorter length of white ribbing.  I had trouble sourcing white ribbing, but finally found a small piece in my remnant box, which I suspect has been in there for over 15 years.


Greenstyle Tempo Tights 2 + matching sports bra

This is my second pair of Greenstyle Tempo Tights.  I love the huge side pockets, so I think there will be more pairs made! 

I decided to make these in a single fabric, rather than go with the colour blocking options.  Do you ever wish that you hadn't photographed your sewing?  I've been wearing these for weeks without realising that there were two dark motifs at my groin....seems so obvious that the print placement is not balanced, now that I have taken this photo.

The fabric was purchased from Pitt Trading.  I think it is an athletic, moisture-wicking polyester spandex.  It is super stretchy.

I made a matching bra.  I can't tell you too much about it because I made it weeks ago and it was a mash-up of different patterns and my own modifications.  My best guess is that I started with Jalie 3247 and changed the elastic underband to be a separate piece.  

These photos were taken pre-dawn at Nature's Window in Kalbarri National Park.  We thought we were going to be the only ones there, and then about 2 minutes before sunrise, 30 more people turned up.


Stylearc Sunny Top

This is a Stylearc Sunny top that I made up in a cotton fleece.  I bought this pattern based on the line drawing, and did not realise that it is intended for drapy or slinky knits.  This would explain why the sleeves are slim and not really suitable for layering over long-sleeved tops.  Works well over a t-shirt though.  I will wear this, but next time I make this pattern up, I will try the recommended fabrics.


French Terry Remnant Projects

I gathered up all my French Terry scraps and combined them to make a couple of super snuggly garments.

I started with a jumper for me, made using the Sew House Seven for Simplicity 8529

You can see from the photo below that the cuffs and bottom band are cut the same size as the section of garment they are attached to, as directed by the pattern pieces.  Depending on your fabric / ribbing, you may prefer to reduce the length of the ribbing so that it stretches as it is attached.  

My scraps were smaller after this projecr, but I managed to put together a pair of Trigg shorts for my hubby, just changing the pockets to be patch pockets on the front, and leaving them un-hemmed..

I did have enough scraps left over to make a pair of shorts for my son, only my daughter came in and saw all the fabric bits laid out and decided that she'd like to make a pair of shorts for herself.  Which she did, but I don't have photos to show you.

Now I only have straggly scraps left, but they are the mostly from the fabric with the moose print, which I love, so I am still hesitant to throw them out.

All the red merino

A few weeks ago, I batched sewed a heap of red merino garments whilst my machines were threaded in red.

First up is Jalie 3667 Marie Claude.  I took this one in at the side seams, but looking at this photo, I think I took it in through the chest area a little too much.  Something to remember for next time.  This merino was from The Fabric Store and is a lovely quality.

One change I did make to the pattern was to swap out the cuffs for the cuffs in Fehr Trade's activewear sewing book.  I've tried a few different ways to sew cuffs with thumb holes, but have not settled on a preferred method yet.

Next up was a running tank top, my own pattern.  This merino was also from The Fabric Store and does not feel as good quality as the previous fabric.  It is a little on the sheer side and recovery is not as good.  Pretty colour though.

Turns out that I bought this same fabric twice without realising.  Does that ever happen to you?  Stash storage issues...

I made up a t-shirt with the next length of material, using the pattern I drafted for this shirt.  Only, I forgot how clever I was when I first drafted the tee, and so forgot that the sleeve seams do not line up with the side seams, so first time I inserted the sleeves they were rotated about a quarter of the way around.  Took me a few minutes to work out why they looked so strange when I tried it on.  Bummer.  Anyway, some quality time with the seam ripper and now they are inserted correctly.

I made my hubby a shirt using Jalie 2918.  I used the pattern I traced off years and years ago, but it turns out he likes his t-shirts closer fitting these days, so he is finding this shirt a little loose.  Next time I will have to remember to trace off a smaller size.  

Another singlet for me, this time using Jalie 2568.  This one was not intended for exercise, but I must have been getting late on in my washing cycle the day I wore and photographed this.  

I combined the scraps from both fabrics to make one more singlet, this time using Jalie 3245.  It is a little snug around the hips because I didn't have quite enough fabric.

And finally, you have already seen the Jalie 4014 Coco sports bra I made using the very last of the scraps.  

I have been really appreciating these merino garments the last few weeks with the cooler weather (except the sports bra, which is too big).