Simplicity Skort

I thought that I would never sew for teenage children, but it turns out that clothes shopping with / for teenage daughters is not so fun either.  Sizing is a big part of the problem when you are moving on from the style of children's clothing and too short for adult clothing.  This is one outfit I have sewn that has been regarded as a success.

The skort pattern is Simplicity 1370.  When I measured her hips, it put her between a Sz 4 and 6.  I decided to cut the 6.  My mistake.  I am pear shaped, so I always measure the hips.  She is more rectangular, with little waist definition, so she could hardly zip it up to the waist.  I had to let out the seam allowances as far as they could go.  Based on waist measurement, I should have cut a Sz 12.

She loves the pockets!

The top pattern is one that I evolved from a dress I made her a couple of years ago and is basically a princess seamed strapless bodice.  Lots of pin-fitting as we go.  At the last moment, I decided to let the seams out a bit at the hem level, and now she finds it too loose.  I guess I could unpick the hem and take the seams in again.

I put in press studs at the back.

This cotton fabric is still available from EmmaOneSock.


Sewaholic Dunbar Sports Bra

I bought this pattern at Christmas, and it has taken me until Easter to finish it.

Front view

Back View

Inside view

There are a couple of reasons it took me so long to finish.

The first is that the sizing is off.  Other reviewers indicated that they went down 2 sizes.  When I compared the pattern to my standard sports bra, I determined that I needed to go down 3 - 4 sizes. That's a lot of sizes to go down.  I didn't know if I needed to size down in both the length and the width, or just the width.  I cut out and basted the outer pieces and then put it aside for while.

Part of my hesitation to keep going was that there are a lot of pieces, and consequently instructions. It didn't help that my printer was out of ink and the instructions or pattern did not print so well.  Bloody pdf patterns!  There are a lot of pieces because the seamlines for the lining are in a different place than the seamlines for the outer.  I get that this reduces sewing bulk, but it does complicate things a bit.  Then there are the pockets for the optional padding.  I wish the instructions had been written so that the pockets were optional, as I have no intention of inserting padding.  It would be easy for me to leave them off next time, but first time around it was easier just to follow the instructions.  It also seems a bit odd that no pattern was given for the padding.

My other gripe with this pattern is that the line drawing is not representative of the final product (which should not happen for patterns with this price tag).  I would have preferred the back strap as depicted in the line drawing; instead, it sits really high up near the neck, which I find too hot for exercising.  The photo below shows how much I removed from the back neck.  You can also see how I changed the angle of the should piece for my square shoulders.

I also changed the pattern to use my own binding method (see here for details on coverstitching the binding).  All up, it was a lot of pattern changes.  Next time around should be much quicker.  Will there be a next round?  Well, it is comfy, if not quite as compressive as my other tops.  I do like the look of it, and will probably wear it for  cycling or barre workouts.


Noodlehead Gatherer Crossbody Bag

The last of my Sudoku Wardrobe entries...

This pattern is a free download - The Noodlehead Gatherer Crossbody Bag.

I made it using leftover Kokka 3 min. corduroy, and a Michael Miller quilting cotton.  A scrap of leather was used for the closure.  I used a fusible fleece interfacing from Spotlight, but I wasn't overly happy with it. 

It is a handy little bag, just to carry the essentials.


Lilac and Caramel

I saw this unusual colour pairing in a few magazines, and was really taken with it.

I started with this tobacco coloured linen from Tessuti (Hartford Vicuna, still available).  I am pairing it with lilac in these photos, but it really is a versatile colour and combines well with lots of different colours, included denim blue, black and watermelon pink.

I used Burda 6938 to make the pants, only I swapped out the pockets for those on the Fehr Trade Knot Maste yoga set.  I also changed the waistband width to use wide elastic, because that is what I had on hand.

I actually made two tops out of my lilac fabric, because I couldn't decide whether I wanted casual or a bit dressier.  The first is a flared V-neck top with a CF pleat.  This was an evolution from one of my previous self-drafted patterns.  The neckline gaps just a little, I think because of the weight of the pleat.  Not so bad that I wouldn't wear it, but I would like to correct it for next time, but don't really know how.  This fabric is a lightweight silk twill from EmmaOneSock that has been in the stash for a while.

For the second top, I combined the silk twill with a marl cotton knit.  I used my standard t-shirt pattern, but altered it by shaping the sides a little, shaping them hem and shortening the sleeves to a cap sleeve length.

My entries for the Sudoku challenge.

A photo of the t-shirt on.


Burda 6632

Continuing on with my Sudoku Wardrobe entries.

I had been wanting to draft a sleeveless top with shoulder pleats for ages, when I saw Burda 6632 on sale for just a couple of dollars.  It seemed to have a lot of the details I was looking for.  When I made it up though (without a muslin because the competition deadline was looming) I was disappointed because it seemed to have a lot of unnecessary volume and quite swamped me.  

I made the following changes to improve things;
- I took the side seams in about an inch on each side. 
- I took the shoulders in a bit.
- I tried shaping the hem, and then raising the hem, and it still didn't look right, so I added a wide shirring elastic to the hem.
- I lowered the armholes.  Possibly a tad too much, but I prefer my armholes a little lower as it makes the top cooler and more comfortable to wear.

I love this shirring elastic.  Sadly, the place where I bought it has closed down and I don't know where to get any more.


Now that I have completed my entry and started mixing these clothes in with my wardrobe, this top has actually become one of my favourites.  I think this is mostly due to the fun print and the beautiful feel of this Cotton + Steel rayon challis.