Jalie Nikita

I was so excited by  the new Jalies, that I made up this Nikita pattern when it was first released, during out winter here.  It has only just got warm enough to wear it now.  Only in that time, I have had to stop running and I have taken up swimming 3 times a week.  I am not a strong person and struggle to build muscle, but swimming does seem to have built up my lats and this top is on the tight side (same with a lot of my summer tops, which is a bit sad).  My bust size is still a T on the Jalie chart, and I made a size U, grading out to a W in the hips, but clearly I need to allow extra room across the back.   I'm not sure if I also need to lower the armholes, or if this won't be a problem in a larger size.

I used a t-shirt from a fun run to test out the pattern and I did have to piece in a little bit of fabric to get it to fit.  I used this same fabric for the armhole bands.

I have a lovely soft bamboo lycra to use for my next version.


  1. Love how you used a T shirt as the test fabric for this tank. The placement of the graphics and color blocking makes it really unique and interesting.

  2. Love the t-shirt reused. looks great!

    Swimming is such an upper body thing isn't it. Pity about your clothes being tight, though I imagine your dr is happy with you for taking up such a hobby, not just stopping running!