Niizo Simple Day Casual Backpack

I had a lovely day today sewing up this backpack from Niizo, which I purchased as a kit.  

Front View.  I did learn some new techniques to sew on those leather accents.

Nifty pocket accessed through a side zip.

The kit includes canvas fabric for the outer, nylon for the lining and all the hardware and pre-punched leather accents.  All the components are great quality.  The only bit I changed out was the contrast lining for the top flap.  This contrast was from a tiny remnant I picked up years ago that has been patiently waiting for the right project to come along.

Inside view; one deep pocket and one smaller patch pocket.

Back view, showing back pocket.

The pattern includes some lovely details, such as these triangular tabs where the strap attaches to the bag.  

The final result is very professional looking.  The only bit I had trouble with was attaching the bottom of the bag, as there were multiple layers, including a layer of foam, and I did not manipulate the corners through all those layers as well as I would have liked.

In the interest of blogging completeness. I think the singlet I am wearing is an unblogged project.  It is Jalie 2565 made up in a snuggly bamboo / cotton / spandex  rib knit from Imagine Gnats.  I made 2 of these, with my usual alterations, only the rib binding pulled the armholes in tighter than usual, so the first one is sitting in the sewing room waiting to be unpicked and re-bound (ugh).  I cut the armholes lower on the second one and it is super comfy. 


  1. Very profession looking backpack. Great job! Thoughtful patterning too. The triangular tab appears to orient the strap for comfort and reinforces the attachment location. I am intrigued that the vender offers a kit with all materials. I will have to look at her other kits as well.

  2. That backpack looks fabulous. I am off to check out the kits!