Stylearc Melody Tunic

The Stylearc Melody Tunic was a freebie with one of my pattern orders. It is always fun to get a freebie, isn't it?

Actually, the tunic looks better in the photos than it did in my mirror today.  It feels very oversized, to the point of not feeling great to wear.  I think the problem is the fabric choice.  The fabric was described as "a lovely yarn dyed cuprammonium rayon semi-opaque jacquard weave graphic with a slight bit of texture, and a soft pink blush coloring (PANTONE 11-1306)".  I am not familiar with cuprammonium rayon, but I am crushing this colour at the moment, so I thought I would give it a try.  It feels heavy, slippery and a bit plasticky / synthetic to wear.

This photo shows the curved hem and the back gathers.

Close-up of the collar, faced neckline and sleeve with elasticated hem.

Not sure if I will keep this one or set it free?


  1. It certainly looks good, but I understand when something does not feel right. Seems like the pattern is worth another go in a different fabric though??

  2. If you're not keen, pass it on. I'm now realizing that I should plan better and cough up for better fabrics to make it worth my while, unless it is nothing more than a rough garment for house wear. That said, it's pretty!

  3. I wonder if changing the sleeve would help?,I have a me-made that I like in theory but when I put it on I feel similarly, with a wide sleeve gathered at the wrist. Its a fairly stable cotton. I did a home dye pattern on it so have been relucant to slim the sleeve and lose some of the pattern, but maybe I should bite the bullet and see if it feels less weighted and more wearable? If you dont even like it it in theory let it go.

  4. It looks lovely. Maybe gift it on??