Tessuti Claudia Dress or Striped Linen Dress 1

This is the other stripy linen dress I made.  My friend told me not to wear it with a yellow t-shirt, unless I wanted to get mistaken for B1 or B2 :)

The pattern is the Claudia dress, from Tessuti.  The fabric is also from Tessuti.  I had a pair of blue and white striped shorts that I made and adored when I was a teenager, so I couldn't resist buying this similarly striped fabric.

I ordered the pattern and the fabric at the same time.  I cut somewhere between a small and a medium.  I bought the amount stated for 140 cm wide fabric, but it took a bit of jiggling to get the pieces to fit, so I can recommend buying a bit extra.

I made the straps wider than the pattern, so that I could wear a normal bra, though I have to pick the right bra for the straps to sit in the right place at the front.  I adjusted the strap length so that the bust dart sat in the right spot.  I cut down the height of the apron at the front and took the side of the apron in a bit.  I could have just gone with longer straps, but then the bust dart would have been in the wrong spot and it the dress wouldn't have covered my bra at the sides. 

The linen is quite a loose weave, so I think I would have been better off using a different fabric for the facing.  This one is in self fabric and doesn't sit too well, even with under-stitching.

The side splits are a lovely detail.  I like the way the pockets are sewn.

I have been hankering after an apron dress for a while, but I don't think that this dress has tempered my craving.  I think I need to make one with more of a bib front, to be worn over a t-shirt.


  1. I have the lovely Claudia sitting on my cutting table right now and I'm excited about this pattern. Love yours! I have some linen as well specifically for this project. My intention is to make it to wear over a Tee so I wouldn't want it to sit as high on the front. I don't need it to be so long either. It was interesting to read how you adjusted the straps to be wider for a bra and adjust their length to have the dart sit at the right spot. I think I'll do a muslin first just to see how everything lines up! Thank you for this helpful post as such an opportune time for me!

  2. Ah yes but what coloured t-shirt would you wear under your new one?

    And you can tell your friend from me there's nothing wrong with being a banana!

    Seriously though, the dress is gorgeous. A happy mix of fabric and pattern. Love it!

  3. I really like this and it is very similar to a dress I bought at the op shop and took a pattern off. Yours looks so very cool and lovely to wear. Yes very B1, B2 with a yellow t-shirt.... and some would really love that too.