Upcycle with bling

I found that I wasn't wearing the jeans I made back in this post of 2016.  The leg shape seemed a bit heavy for the fabric, and whilst I could have unpicked all that top-stitching and re-shaped the leg, I also whacked in a great big dart under the bum to address a fit issue.  There are lots of ways to upcycle jeans, but the easiest has to be cut-offs.  I had some scrap heat fix glitter left over from a crafty project, and inspired by the Sass-and-Bide-Feels-Like-Yes shorts, I decided that glittery dots could only make these cut-offs better.

You can see that the dart under the bum is still there, but I am not bothered by it so much now there is the distraction of the glittery dots.

The dots are more sparkly in real life than these photos.  The heat fix glitter is supposed to iron into place, and whilst I have had success ironing it to lycra, I just could not get it to stay stuck onto this denim.  In the end, I appliqued the dots in place, which meant I have lost some of the functionality of that back pocket.

There's nothing like a bit of sparkle to brighten up your day!


  1. Oh what a fun upcycle! Love the sparkly dots.

  2. Darts on the bum were a great idea. Very creative. I'm a big fan of anything sparkly.

  3. Love it! And also love the way you left the darts in and they look cool regardless.

  4. So fun. love these shorts!