Floral Bomber

Once again, I'm late to jump on board a trend, but never mind.  Here is my take on the floral bomber.

The pattern is Simplicity 8418, which I picked up for a couple of dollars in a Spotlight sale.  I was choosing between this pattern, Burda 6478 (which I got at the same sale) and the Jalie Charlie Bomber. This one and the Burda had raglan sleeves, which I wanted. When I compared the Simplicity and the Burda pattern, this one was more fitted than the Burda. I liked the pockets on the Jalie, but shipping of Jalie patterns is so expensive that I usually buy a bundle all at once and I wasn't ready to order a whole heap of Jalies just at the moment.

I have hardly ever sewn a Simplicity pattern. My bust measurement put me at a sz 14. Sz 12 was the largest in my pattern envelope, so I started with that.  I should have made a muslin, but being a simple design, I thought I would get away without one. There were lots of changes on the run.
- I didn't line the jacket
- Square shoulder adjustment
- Prominent shoulder joint adjustment
- I changed the pockets to welt pockets. I used the Burda pocket piece and Jalie instructions to draft my own pattern piece. I used 1 cm welts, but I wish I had chosen 2 cm welts.
- I shortened the jacket by 2 cm. I would have liked it shorter, but the pockets were already in place, which was a bit limiting.
- I shortened the sleeves by 2 cm.
- My rib bands were a little narrower due to fabric shortage. I made the rib bands a little longer than the pattern because I thought my rib was not overly stretchy.
- I took the sleeve seam in by 2.5 cm (total width reduction of 5 cm), all the way up to the under arm, which raised the underarm by 2.5 cm, tapering back down to 0 as I sewed from underarm to waist.

Attaching all that ribbing was a very familiar process...I must have made a lot of sweatshirts as a child in the 80's...the Knitwit era!

It was pretty hot putting this jacket on for photos today, but it will be snuggly if the weather ever cools down.

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