Hey June Santa Fe top

Likewise, I got a little carried away with the Hey June Santa Fe top.  Here are my first 4 versions.

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I made a narrow chest adjustment on all but the grey top, which I sewed first.  

On the white and grey versions I didn't turn up a hem, but sewed a line of cover-stitching about an inch from the bottom as a finish, which I have seen on lightweight RTW tops.

My only issue with this pattern is that the armholes are too high for me, so I will need to lower them before my next burst of sewing Santa Fe tops.

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  1. I love this style of top for my summer (I'm in Alberta and although it snowed yesterday (!) I know that summer will come). Did you adjust at all so that your bra straps don't show? Or just the narrow chest adjustment. Sorry if this is somewhere else.