Hey June Union St Tee

I fell down a rabbit hole with the Hey June Union St Tee.  If the PR wardrobe contest hadn't yanked me back out, I could still be down that hole, making tee after tee.  As it was, I made 4 in less than a fortnight.

My first one was a striped shirt with the scoop neckline.  I didn't realise that the scoop neckline on this pattern was lower than the scoop on the original pattern release.  This scoop is lower than I would have liked.  Easy enough to change though.  I used my coverstitch machine to put a binding on the neck, rather than use the neck band piece from the pattern.  I didn't make any alterations to this pattern, and the neckline gaped on me, so I had to take the binding off and reapply it by hand, shortening it a little to draw in the neckline.  This striped cotton fabric is probably a bit heavy weight for the shirt and would have been better used for a long sleeved tee.

My second tee was the same size (M) with the V-neck.  I used the binding piece from the pattern, and found it a bit short.  I have contemplated taking it off and sewing a new neckband on, but haven't got around to it yet.  It seems the shirt is forever in the wash, so maybe I will never get to it.  The fabric is a gorgeous colour, a purply sort of blue in a rayon, from EmmaOneSock.  My attempt at a narrow chest adjustment wasn't the best approach, and changes the hang of the front of the shirt.

For my third tee, I went for a slouchier look and tried a size up from my measurement, which made it an L.  This time I added about 2 inches to the neck band.  I tried a different narrow chest adjustment and was happy with the results.

For the 4th version, I was aiming for a vintage vibe with this slubby cotton knit.  The knit does not have great recovery.  I started with the L, used the narrow chest adjustment from the previous tee, shortened the sleeves and widened the neck band.  I added length to the neckband and basted it in place to see if the added length was right.  It took me several attempts to get the right length in this fabric.

I can see many more of these tees in my future, as I love the boxy shape and the slouchier look.


  1. I laughed reading how you fell down the "rabbit hole" with this tee (I especially like that slouchy one with the V neckline!) I fell down the rabbit hole with the Ogden Cami - after I finished this latest one yesterday in cotton I decided enough already! Now I'm off to the Reef pattern by Megan Nielsen. Hopefully I won't get too attached to this one!

  2. I think you've got a great TNT here and no reason not to sew it lots and lots! Such wardrobe staples!!