Another Vogue 1247

It seemed a waste to do all those pattern alterations for just one top, so I made another Vogue 1247.

This time I chose a mystery silk that I picked up from the Fabric Store.  It had a very bouncy texture and was originally a bone white colour.  White doesn't look great on me, so all along I intended to dye it.  I was planning a pale peach top. 

Up until now, I have only used my silk dyes for small amounts of lingerie elastic and fabrics.  For this length of fabric, I decided I would get more even results by using the washing machine.  I can't pause the cycle on my machine, which means I can't control the amount of time the fabric sits in the dye. By the time I read the amounts of dye required per weight of fabric, I had already pre-soaked my fabric and was unable to weigh it.  I guessed at how much dye to use, then added a bit extra for good measure, and obviously added way too much.  Lucky I like this orange colour.

I didn't even attempt French seams on all these pattern pieces in this bouncy fabric.  I did go to the trouble of buying matching thread for the overlocker, so it still looks pretty neat on the inside.

I haven't actually worn this top out yet.  It doesn't feel as chic as my previous version, and I am yet to work out when to wear it, but as our hot summer ends, I'm sure it will find its place.


  1. I love this! The color is perfect for summer into fall. Wear it anywhere and everywhere. You look great!

  2. I'm sure you'll find lots of places to wear this lovely, drapey, peach silk blouse! It's lovely and you're so right about, once you fuss around to get just the right fit why waste all that effort on only one?? This is such a pretty blouse!

  3. looks great and I really like this colour on you. I still haven't made this pattern despite it sitting in my stash for ages!