Rayon Shorts

I have made my daughter a few pairs of shorts in the the last year.  I even ironed them all one day to photograph for this blog, but then got distracted by something or other, and she took them all from the ironing board, thinking that I just ironed them as a nice surprise for her (I don't iron much).  

Here is one pair that I have managed to photograph.

I made the pattern by copying a pair of shorts from Best and Less that she loved but had become too short, even for her, and then grading it up as best as I could guess how.

There are quite a few details.  The original pair were made from rayon and are very drapey.  I think this is why the crotch curve on these shorts was longer and shallower than other shorts I have sewn up.  There are front slant pockets.  The waistband is attached separately.  The fronts are gathered onto a smooth waistband.  The back waistband is elasticated.

The fabric used was a Cotton + Steel rayon, which I have seen on quite a few on-line fabric sites, so you could probably find it if you liked it and went looking.  The quality feels beautiful.

They have been a hit, but now I possibly need to grade my pattern up another size for a new pair.


  1. I've yet to sew with rayon, and seeing your daughter's shorts - this makes me feel sad. It's a beautiful print, and you can tell from the drapey-ness of the fabric in the photo that they'd be super comfy to wear!

    1. My daughter loves rayon and it makes up nearly all the garments I have sewn for her and she sews for herself. It really is a great fabric for our hot climate, but maybe not so sutied to the couture sewing you do so well!