Baby Boy Quilt

I didn't get this quilt made quite in time for my newest nephew's birth, but I did get it made in time for his first Christmas.  In all the crazy preparations before Christmas, I forgot to take any photos of the finished quilt, so I had to snap some after I gave it to him.

The quilt is not as big as he makes it look :).  I would have liked it to be big enough for a single bed, which would have been 12 blocks, but my fabrics were in stash so long that I let me son use the grey crosses for a home ec project, and then I only had enough for 9 blocks.  I can't even remember how big each block is, maybe 16 inches?  This would make the quilt about 1.5 m square.

To create the blocks, I followed a method (more than the exact pattern) given in "Love Patchwork and Quilting" magazine, Issue 29 2015.  Most of the quilting fabrics were Cloud 9, bought either from Spotlight or Fabric.com.  The grey in-between fabric was a doona cover on massive sale from Target.  It is not as good quality as the other fabrics, but the method to create the wonky blocks is quite wasteful of fabric, so at least I wasn't wasting the good stuff.

This was my first time doing an all-over stippling for the quilting. I am out of practice as I rarely quilt since my local quilt shop closed down and I stopped giving classes.  If there was a next time, I would probably aim for the stippling to be a less dense than on this quilt.  I do have fabric for one more quilt, for the guest bedroom, but there would have to be a massive vacuum in my leisure time for me to contemplate starting another quilt.

Or maybe another new niece or nephew :)

The back of the quilt is from the same sheet set that I used for the back of my own quilt.

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