I drafted myself a camisole.  It is similar to the Ogden Cami, except mine has bust darts.  It is a simple style, so I thought it would be quicker to draft from my block than to fit a purchased pattern.  Some fabrics look better with bust darts, and some without, so I might need to draft a second pattern without darts.

Despite my best sewing efforts, the facing is rolling to the outside.  Of course this would happen on a top that I made out of a remnant, and so used a contrasting fabric for the facings.  I went back to my pattern to see why.  This is my second cami, and the first one doesn't do this, but when I checked the pattern, I must have made changes to the pattern after my first version and not made the same changes to the facing, so the facing doesn't match the main pieces very well at all.  I'll have to fix it for the next version.  In the meantime, the facing rolls out so evenly that, in the contrasting fabric, I am considering it a design feature.


  1. Again my comments aren't visible using google?? anyway.. before I read the details I thought the facings was a design feature (and I didn't see it and think it's the facing popping out, I thought piping or something) and I like it. I also love the colour and the size of the straps too. Looks like a great fit. Sofie

  2. Lovely feminine camisole. It takes great skill to draft a facing pattern so that just a bit of contrast facing rolls to the outside. Though you say it was not intentional, it actually looks quit nice.